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Our Mission in Tyler

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission, Tyler, has been working to serve the homeless in the Tyler community since 2011.

Services currently offered in Tyler include Hiway 80 Rescue Mission, Gateway to Hope (a day resource center for the homeless), medical clinic, and holiday meals.  We also help with transportation to the Longview facility and to the Christ-centered recovery program.

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission, Gateway to Hope

601 E. Valentine, Tyler

Operating Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday



Triumph Village

12781 Hwy 64 West, Tyler


Triumph Village is a future expansion of the Hiway 80 Rescue Mission location in Tyler. This will be a supportive housing option that provides help for residents while they progress into independent living.  It offers the opportunity to concentrate on the serious work of transforming their lives, through classes that will include financial literacy & job readiness, while growing their relationships with the Lord, and building solid foundations for their future. 

Construction of the new facility will be completed in phases.  The first phase involves an initial investment estimate of $750,000.  This includes the renovation of existing homes, improving curb appeal, and building brand new cottage units.  The design plan allows us to create a place that truly will be a small neighborhood within our bigger neighborhood. 


Prior to the start of remodeling the existing building and the expansion with the new building, $207,000 is needed to retire the debt from the purchase.


If you would like more information on how you can get involved in making Triumph Village come to fruition, have any questions, or would like any other information, please call Dawn Moltzan, Director in Tyler (903) 617-6097 office or call Dawn’s cell at (406) 781-8468.


Featured Story: New Creation Discipleship Program Graduation!


Thanks to you, Hiway 80 Rescue Mission - Gateway to Hope has truly become a “gateway” to a new life for many, including Paco, Samuel, and Tim! These gentlemen are the first three to graduate from our New Creation Discipleship Program that came through our day facility in Tyler and are now starting on the Road to a New Life. Completing this Bible-based discipleship and recovery program is an incredible accomplishment and has required the completion of classes, counseling, and Bible studies.

The skills and spiritual strength they have gained is incredible, and the transformation in each of these Godly men are truly amazing! We are so excited that all three have decided to enter our Leadership Training Program, where they are now serving, encouraging, and helping others, as they themselves have been helped. Please keep them in prayer as they continue to be a testimony to the transformation that is possible!

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