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"I was suicidal when I came here."

1116_h80_nl_02.jpgEd was a successful long-haul trucker, but too much isolation on the road took a heavy toll. “It’s a very difficult lifestyle,” he says. “I made a lot of money, but I had a nervous breakdown and suffered from very bad depression.

Ed received treatment for his depression and came out from under the covers. Then, while living on his savings in Fort Worth, he cared for his mother and sister who were both critically ill.

“They died, and I moved here at the advice of a long-time pastor friend,” he says. “I was still very depressed, but functional, and I started working temporary jobs.”

Along the way, Ed had lost his driver’s license for too many tickets and it limited his employment opportunities. “It got to where I couldn’t find any more work,” he says.

Then, Ed’s pastor friend suggested he come to Hiway 80 Rescue Mission’s New Creation Program. Ed agreed, hoping our Christ-centered program would bring him close to the

Lord once again.

“When I was on the road, I wasn’t very dedicated to getting into the word and I let myself get very superficial in my walk,” he says. “Being here has taken all the distractions away and has helped straighten my priorities. I’ve been able to get a firmer foundation. The Bible is coming alive to me.”

Ed is looking forward to reentering the workforce when he graduates, and he credits God and the Mission with his new lease on life.

“I was suicidal when I came here. If not for the Mission, I believe I’d be dead,” he says. “Now I’m very content because I’ve become very dependent on God instead of myself. It’s a night and day difference.”

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