When it comes to wars, Americans just don't seem to have what it takes.

Relax. I'm not talking about real war fought by the military men and women of the United States. Though it has become ever more difficult to know exactly when we've won that kind of war, our forces are second to none.

I believe that, particularly because I have a son who is part that group.

No, I mean the "wars" that are not really wars at all, where we fight an "enemy" that cannot be seen, much less defeated. How could we ever claim victory over human frailty, greed or ignorance?

It seems as if mankind has been working since the beginning of time to do that, and all three of those are about as strong as ever.

Of course, no one would pretend to fight a "war" against greed. How silly would that be?

Paula called herself a Christian because she grew up in a Christian home. But while the Gospel was etched into her head, it wasn’t written on her heart.

Her husband was abusive. “You make your bed and you lie in it,” she says. “I was with him for 27 years, raised his two sons, my two children from a previous marriage and a child we had together.” When the marriage ended, Paula became depressed. “I was a shell,” she says. “My heart was dark, I had no real joy in my life.”

Paula lived on her own for 10 years, harboring this “void” in her heart. Then, for a time, she moved “from place to place,” living with her children, with relatives and finally with a friend, until there was nobody left to turn to.

LONGVIEW (KYTX) -- Hiway 80 Rescue Mission served as a safe haven over the weekend for two Chinese national men who came to Longview on the promise of earning high wages but claim they were deceived and manipulated by a massage business operating out of Longview Mall.

The men, both with passports from China, were brought to Hiway 80 Rescue Mission on Thursday evening by the Longview Police Department after the police were made aware of their situation. Through the assistance of a Mandarin translator by phone, the Chinese men were able to convey they had come to Longview from Los Angeles on the promise of being paid $4,000 a month to work in a massage kiosk in Longview Mall. The Chinese men state that once they arrived in Longview, they were told they would not receive the agreed upon wages because they did not have the proper licensing. The men said instead they were paid $20 a day and much of that amount was taken out for rent.

April 13, 2015 at 3:30 a.m. Updated April 14, 2015 at 3:30 a.m.

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission will honor its volunteers and donors at the annual Celebration of New Life Banquet at noon and 6 p.m. April 30 at the Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Center in Longview.

Both events will feature Kelly Wright, co-host of Fox News' "America's News Headquarters."

This year's event also will mark the 60th year of Hiway 80 Rescue Mission Ministries.

The banquet is free to attend. Reservations may be made by calling (903) 759-8101 by April 25. An offering will be collected at each seating.

For information, call the mission at (903) 759-8101.

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The desire to see Hiway 80 Rescue Mission take over operations at Gateway to Hope, a day resource room for homeless people, came out of a conversation and friendship with the organization that grew, a Gateway board member said.

Tyler City Councilman Don Warren, a Gateway to Hope board member, said Hiway 80 was one of several area agencies that several months ago provided a caseworker to work with Gateway clients.

At that point, Gateway realized the importance for each of its clients to individually meet with a caseworker.

Posted: Mar 19, 2015 11:08 AM PDT / Updated: Mar 19, 2015 11:08 AM PDT

The two are working together to establish the particulars of this arrangement. This process involves determining the date that Gateway to Hope will reopen to provide services for the local homeless population.


Hiway 80 Rescue Mission Ministries has partnered with the Gateway to Hope board of directors to help the nonprofit reopen.

Gateway to Hope Chairman Tracy Crawford announced in February that the organization would be temporarily closing its doors.

"Some of the things that we were doing were actually a hindrance to what we said we were intending to do," Crawford said.

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission Ministries is joining with Gateway to Hope in Tyler to help the nonprofit facility reopen.

Gateway to Hope — a day resource center for homeless residents — closed this past month to hire a new executive director and to reassess its role in the community.

The Rev. Eric Burger, executive director of Hiway 80, said details of the partnerships are still in the works.

"We are working together to establish the particulars of this arrangement," he said.

Burger said Hiway 80 plans to operate the facility for six months. Hiway 80 has an outreach office in Tyler.


Published on Sunday, 21 December 2014 22:55 - Written by Victor Texcucano,

In the giving and caring spirit of the holiday season, Hiway 80 Rescue Mission Tyler Outreach Team partnered with Glenwood Church of Christ and West Erwin Church of Christ to feed about 120 people during their annual Family Christmas Party.

As well as being fed, children who were pre-registered received presents provided by Hiway 80, as well as one-on-one time with Santa Claus. Children who weren’t pre-registered received stuffed animals.

Jerry Frazier, minister at Glenwood Church of Christ, said the Christmas party is an addition to what goes on at the Benevolence Center at West Erwin Church of Christ.