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Latham: Maybe we need a war against gullibility

When it comes to wars, Americans just don't seem to have what it takes. Relax. I'm not talking about real war fought by the military men and women of the United States. Though it has become ever more difficult to know exactly when we've won that kind of war, our forces are second to none. I believe that, particularly because I have a son who is part that group.

No, I mean the "wars" that are not really wars at all, where we fight an "enemy" that cannot be seen, much less defeated. How could we ever claim victory over human frailty, greed or ignorance?

It seems as if mankind has been working since the beginning of time to do that, and all three of those are about as strong as ever.

Of course, no one would pretend to fight a "war" against greed. How silly would that be?

So instead, we say we're fighting a war on drugs, which might be something we could defeat if only it weren't inextricably allied with greed, human frailty and ignorance. 

No bomb is going to wipe out human weakness, and there's no battle plan to rid the world of ignorance.

So we probably should just give up, right?

I haven't found a counselor, local or otherwise, who would suggest doing that. You may think legalization of any drug would decrease their business, but it is just the opposite. It is going to explode it through the roof. Maybe not in the first year or two, but it eventually will happen.

Still, we're being urged these days to hang it up. We're told the war on drugs has not accomplished anything, so it's time to run up the white flag and just say no to further efforts.

Before we do that, though, I suggest you make a trip to Hiway 80 Rescue Mission, or perhaps Newgate Mission, or attend the Saturday morning worship sessions of the Shade Tree Ministry.

There, you will find people who have been broken by drugs. Their lives would not have been one whit better if the drugs had been legal and we don't know they wouldn't have been worse.

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