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Care Packages for the Homeless

Nov. 25- Dec 16
Collection sites listed at KVNE.com or KGLY.com
1 Adult toothbrush
1 Toothpaste (6.4   fl oz)
1 Body wash (18 fl oz)
1 Deodorant (1.6  oz)
1 Body lotion (21 fl oz)
1 Disposable razor package
1 Chapstick
1 Knit hat 
1 Knit gloves
Personalized Christmas card (first name only)
Important Instructions
  • Please ONLY include the items listed above.
  • Place all the items in a plastic shopping bag tied up.
  • Drop off care package at a collection sites listed at KVNE.com or at Hiway 80 by Dec. 16.
To donate a virtual care package go to KVNE.com or Hiway80Mission.org
KVNE.com   903-593-5863       Hiway80Mission.org  903-759-8101
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